The Diabetes Aid and Research Fund's mission is to address the challenges of individuals with diabetes by working together with them and other organizations to achieve a healthier lifestyle - one free of diabetes.


We can make a difference!

In the past year, DARF has extended its programs to include helping support ongoing food programs to numerous projects on the Native American reservations, where a lack of nutritious food is prevalent. DARF also provides funding for local assistance groups with the common purpose of providing nutritious food and medical supplies to the needy. Our efforts will continue to focus on acquiring and placing much needed medical equipment and supplies in the clinics and hospitals that provide nutritional treatment programs. As a result, the clinics and hospitals will be able to provide a much more cost-effective program for the patients with diabetes.


We need your help!

DARF needs your generous ongoing support not only in the private sector, but also in the various workplace, state and national campaigns. With your continued support, we can move one step closer to finding the cure that will lead to over 8 million individuals being diagnosed who don't even know they have diabetes. Ongoing efforts continue to establish nutritional programs at clinics in third-world countries; focused on areas with high incidents of diabetes and related diseases.


We can achieve a healthier lifestyle!

Each year we see more and more success in creating awareness and learning and practicing good nutritional habits. Together we can stop the alarming increase in stroke, heart disease, nerve damage, and amputations. I ask for your continued support in stopping the diabetic epidemic.

We will continue to lead the way to a better understanding of how we can manage and possibly eliminate diabetes and other life-threatening diseases through alternative methods of treatment. We are challenged to provide new user-friendly services while never losing sight of our mission - Together, achieving a healthier lifestyle.