Our Programs...


Christian World Relief
DARF partners with Christian World Relief to bring food and medicine for the sick and needy children around the world.  Children who would fall victim to diseases, such as diabetes, can be given nutritious food and medicine.  CWR helps restore the lives of people and renew their communities.


Feed My Hungry Children
FMHC provides food, education, and medical help to school-age children.  They provide health and nutritional training for families and parents of deprived children in an effort to combat the starvation and disease.  They work with the community to help them become self-sufficient with development projects so they do not have to suffer with poverty, disease, and hunger.  DARF helps further their goal of providing medical help and other necessities to those in need.


Philippine Diabetes Research Nutrition Center, Inc.


Children's Christian Hunger Network
Children’s Christian Hunger Network is an international charity dedicated to improving the lives of unfortunate children around the world. Through strategic networking and partnerships we are able to provide food, clothing, education and medical care.  DARF provides grants to assist with diabetic clinics in Mexico for people who could not otherwise afford medical care, equipment or insulin.